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Canada Red Ginseng Extract (30 Packs X 80ML) 캐나다 홍삼액

Canada Red Ginseng Extract (30 Packs X 80ML) 캐나다 홍삼액

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Canadian Premium Red Ginseng Extract

Canada Red Ginseng maintains a high respect throughout the Orient. Our root is known worldwide for its unequalled quality and aroma.

Feel the difference in both mind and body after experiencing the positive transformations of red ginseng. It gives a beautiful balance.


Take a packet a day. You may take two or three packets a day if necessary. Please store in a cool and dry place. Turbidity and sediment are caused by pieces of red ginseng. As they are a natural occurrence, shake well before you drink it.


1회 1포씩 하루 2~3회 꾸준히 복용합니다. 아침 공복에 복용하시면 효과적이며 피로와 스트레스에 지친 직장인, 학생에게 좋습니다.

보관방법 직사광선을 피하고 서늘한 곳에 보관하십시오. 간혹 침전물이 생길 수 있으나 성분상 특징이므로 안심하고 흔들어 드십시오.

INGREDIENTS Canadian Red Ginseng 

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