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Herb & Honey

Sun Dried Red Date 5.25oz/150g 약대추 大棗

Sun Dried Red Date 5.25oz/150g 약대추 大棗

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Herb & Honey Red Date / 약대추 (5.25oz / 150g)

Grown naturally in California, our Dried Red Dates are harvested when they are at their most ripe from our lovely date trees.

Dates are sun-dried dates that can be steamed up to three times.

약대추는 태양에서 직접 말린 약대추로 세번까지 다려 드실수 있습니다.

How to enjoy tea :  you put about 5 jujubes in boiling water and steep them for about 20 minutes, it becomes a good tea for immunity.

you boil jujube, ginger, and licorice together, it is good for immunity.

Ingredients : Red Date 100%

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