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Kerasys Tea tree Oil Conditioner 1000ml /33.8fl.oz

Kerasys Tea tree Oil Conditioner 1000ml /33.8fl.oz

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Kerasys Tea tree Oil Conditioner 1000ml /33.8fl.oz

Contains natural oil ingredients to make dull, dry hair shiny
Weak acid mild care, A rich, foamy lather, Long-lasting fragrance

This natural recipe delivers rich nutrients and hypoallergenic care at the same time
Worrisome ingredients have been excluded and natural oil ingredients added to provide refreshing care for scalps made greasy and heavy with dead skin and sebum. The weak acid formula and rich lather provide mild care for scalp and dandruff.

Natural Oil Ingredients, Tee Tree /Lemon , Weak Acid Formula, Rich Foamy Lather, Rich Scent

The Kerasys natural recipe contains natural oil ingredients to nourish damaged hair, and helps to turn dull, dry hair into healthy, shiny locks.

Tea Tree Oil
Essential oil extracted from the tea tree leaves of the Argania tree has excellent moisturizing properties and is effective for managing dry scalps and damaged hair. 

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