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Kerasys oriental Premium Shampoo (600ml/20.28fl.oz)

Kerasys oriental Premium Shampoo (600ml/20.28fl.oz)

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Kerasys Oriental Premium (600ml/20.28fl.oz)

Product explanation
A premium hair management system that promotes healthy, beautiful hair with a selection of medicinal herbs-camellia oil, ginseng, cnidium, orchid, angelica, and pomegranate.

1. Shiny, Smooth Hair Camellia oil and other hair-smoothing actives add shine and protect hair from environmental damage.

2. Hair Root Care
Patented AHG-4 and medicinal herb extracts strengthen hair roots.

3. Protect & Repair
Dual Keratin Care System smooths and repairs damaged hair shafts.

1. 6 times softer hair
- 79% improvement in hair breakage After using the shampoo and conditioner, you will notice 5 times (Results compared to those of our non-premium shampoos(conditioners)

- Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo & Conditioner

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